Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Sweater and Christmas Eve Plans

I forgot to show you pictures of my Christmas Sweater!!

We had an ugly sweater contest at work this weeek. You had to wear one in order to wear jeans all week. There was a prize for the best one. I put together this beautiful creation
It also had a cape!!!

Alas, it did not win. I think it was too beautiful lol.

In other news, we have some pretty awesome Christmas Eve plans. We invited our friends over for dinner and cards. This is starting to become a tradition as last year we went to their house on the 23rd for dinner and cards!! I want to try making a goose, but cannot find one anywhere. It will probably be pricey if I do find one. I have seen something called a Capon that is some kind of fowl. And duck. I have also thought about doing fish (like the Italian tradition) or going a different direction and making apple pancakes and eggs and bacon. Or getting a Honey Baked Ham if we go to Overland Park. Then I can make cheesy potatoes to go with it.

What are you doing for Christmas Eve?

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