Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmasy and Busy

This is a very busy and Christmasy week lol.

It is a full week at work. We are also doing our Secret Santa. So far I have gotten a mug with candy and hot chocolate and a box of school supplies :)

I have started working on cleaning up the house. Last night I did the dividing counter between the kitchen and livingroom and tonight I will start on the kitchen. Then I will move on to the bathrooms, the master bedroom, the craftroom and finally the guest bedroom. I am also organizing tubs in the garage as I go with unpacking the Christmas tubs.

I decided to make candycane Christmas ornaments for the 3 classes I work in. That is love 60 candy cane ornaments. I have about 12 done. I am also making popcorn and cranberry garlands for the tree.

As for the tree. She is getting a makeover AGAIN. I started out putting red, white, silver and gold ornaments on her, then changed my mind and added more of my collection. Now I have decided to go back to red and gold lol. I found red and gold lights I won at school last year and all my gold ornaments. I have an idea for the other ornaments to hang them from the dividing counter.

TJ is going to Florida tomorrow for 5 days. I am going to keep busy. Tomorrow I am going to continue cleaning and decide what I want to bake this year and make a list. I may also go out lightseeing. And work on those ornaments or other Christmas crafts. On Thursday I am going baking and Christmas shopping for TJ. On Friday I am going to a party and on Saturday I am going to bake. And make gravy for a party.

I am still in the process of decorating the aluminum tree. Here she is when I first set her up.

Scout is loving all the soft warm places.

What are you doing this week?


FootPrints said...

i wanted to make the cranberry and popcorn garland but im scared the ants will get it. have you ever had a problem with that?

That corgi :) said...

Big project with the candy canes, but I'm sure you will get them done! Sounds like you have been busy getting ready for Christmas and whatnot! I like your lightseeing term! It is fun to go and look at others' displays.