Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Daily 8-14

I caught my DD up this evening while watching The Christmas Gift for the 3rd or 4th time this month :)
Wreath Making
I didn't have any pictures from last Sunday so I put in a picture of Scout. I did record that there were nativities at church and I bought fudge.
Pictures of my decorations and my first secret santa gift
My divider page came after the first date on it, but I needed extra room so I used it with the 11th LOL
My ornament display. I also recorded that I started making candy cane ornaments.
Divider page and Secret santa gift day 2
I used the back for Secret Santa day 3 :)
My redecorated tree on 12-12-12
Last 2
Some yummy stuff I bought shopping last Thursday.
Lightseeing (I'm missing a picture) and my final secret santa gift. I also documented that I went to the party.

Now that that is caught up I am going to work on some more candy cane ornaments.

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iowajewel said...

you book looks great! i am behind now, working on finishing sunday!