Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Goals

I forgot about this lol!!

For December...
1. Get all my decorations up.

2. Make at least 2 holiday inspired beverages

3. Make Kolacky and shortbread or sugar cookies, plus at least one new cookie.

4. Make ornament wreath and tree

5. Watch a Christmas themed movie or TV episode every single day

6. Read a Christmas themed scripture with my husband everyday

7. Get Krum Kaga from Lindsborg

8. See the lights at The Plaza

9. Look at Christmas Lights

10. Complete my December Daily

November Recap...

1. Make Thanksgiving dinner in our new home. DONE

2. Make or buy a Black Friday t-shirt.Not this year

3. Attend Black Friday!!DONE

4. Finish getting the house set up AND pictures hung.hahahaha

5. Go on a date with my husband :)Um, sort of

6. Print my photo Christmas cards.DONE

7. Make at least 20 homemade Christmas cards.I have made 30 so far

8. Put together a December Daily AlbumDONE

9. Catch up 2012 scrapbook.Almost

10. Lose 10 poundsLOL


FootPrints said...

i kinda wanna make a list like you, but then i'd be reminded i am a failure ha ha

good luck friend

That corgi :) said...

Good that you set the goals! You did great in November; met a lot of them!! I think losing 10 pounds this month is not going to happen so wise not to put it on your December goal :)

I'm thinking you'll be able to meet the majority of your December goals!