Monday, December 3, 2012

It Never Seems To End

Just when I thought I was over being sick, BAM! My colds strikes back with MORE coughing, plus fever(slight), chills and aches!

I ended up going to Alpha Care today. I had not been there before and was glad it was open so I didn't have to go to the ER (I do not have a Primary Doctor, yet). I did not have to wait too long. I was relieved to find out I didn't have the flu, but I have to stay home from work until Wednesday. It's just a really bad cold. The doctor gave me antibiotics, cough medicine and nasal spray.

I found that the local pharmacy, just down the road from the hospital (where Alpha Care was) takes Tricare Select so I was able to go there. Now, I do have to pay a copay since it is not on Post, but it was worth it!

I have also put a call in to a local doctor to get contacted for a new patient appointment, so I can actually have a primary doctor. Only one doctor on the list Alpha Care gave me was taking new patients!!

I am tired of being sick. I just want to clean my house and put up my Christmas decorations. Any exertion gets me coughing. I did manage to get my tree put up and decorated yesterday. I would like to get my aluminum tree put up and decorated tonight and my collector ornaments out on a shelf. But I will be lucky if I can manage any part of those.


Fuzzy Tales said...

It's probably the same virus that is making its way in our area too. It's not like we live in isolation anymore (human populations).

Whatever it is here, it just keeps recycling itself. The gift that keeps on giving.

Best to see if you need some sort meds.

When I got sick over Labour Day weekend, I was a good 7 weeks with the cough. I did eventually go to the doctor, at week 6, but my lungs were clear. It just took a LONG time to clear up.

Steve Finnell said...

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That corgi :) said...

(don't follow Steve's blog, LOL) He's always sending invitations to people to follow his blog; I emailed him and told him never to leave me such a comment again; aren't I mean? Honestly, I hate when people solicit like this)

I am so sorry you are sick like this Robyn. Seems like a nasty germ that doesn't want to give up the ship so to speak. I think you were wise to go to the doctor. I wonder if you are more prone to sickness since working around kids. Hoping you do feel better soon!