Friday, December 14, 2012

It's All About the Parties

I am invited to 4 Christmas parties this weekend. Yep, 4! I am only going to one for sure, though.

That is our work party tomorrow evening. I always love going to these. Plus we will be revealing who our Secret Santas this week were :)

The 2nd party is for one of TJ's motorcycle gang's. That is the 3rd one, too. They are faving a family party in the afternoon and I am bringing gravy for that dinner so I will probably stay for that. In the evenign they are having an adults only party. I was planning on going, but since TJ is not here I am not really up to it.

The fourth party is the Ward Christmas party at church. I was also planning on attending this one, but it is all the way over in Manhattan. Plus I do not want to go without TJ. And the only part I usually enjoy is when Bishop reads the Christmas story from the Bible and for the past couple years they have not done that.

I would like to have my own party, but it is getting too late for that lol.

Are you going to any parties for Christmas?

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iowajewel said...

wow i am only invited to 1 so far! i love having parties but can hardly get anyone to come where we live!