Saturday, December 29, 2012

Money Saving Ideas

Okay, been thinking about and talking to hubby about ways to save money and budget better and we have come up with a couple things (well mostly I did).

1. This was painful, but I decided to reduce our cable/internet bill by $50 by going down to 17 channels. Those would be the local ones. That was the cheapest option they had. For internet I went with the next to lowest option because we like to be able to stream music and videos. TJ especially. He watches Youtube more than TV. I watch too much TV as it is.

2. We`are going to give ourselves an allowance. For me personally this is going to be challenging lol. I like to get my nails and toes done and go to scrapbook crops monthly. I need to adjust this a bit. I have a stamping club committment for a few more months so until that is up, no crops :( I am going to work hard on not messing with my nails so I do not have to have gels or acrylics. Until then since it is winter I am going to refrain from getting my toes done.

3. We doubled our gas bill this month (oops). Gonna be a little more frugal with that fireplace. Sorry Scout!

4. The electric bill only went up $5, but I am still going to make sure we are not leaving lights on and being frugal with the heater. And the laundry. I can get away with doing my whites biweekly and my linens once a month, but lights and darks need to be done weekly. Also, with the heater, while TJ and I are at work I turn it way down. If it gets warm enough outside I can even turn it off.

5. Water went up $10. Gonna watch those shower times. Plus the laundry cut backs should help lol. And I always wait until the dishwasher is FULL.

6. Cutting down on eating out. I need to be vigilant about cooking.

I think that is it for now. We should be able to start putting a little bit more into our savings.


Fuzzy Tales said...

I'm terrible at saving money. Every few years or so I'll get my debt paid off by remortgaging the house (no savings) and then there will be a vet or house emerg and I'm back in the hole again. Such is life for many of us.

We have "smart meters" here: Electricity rates depend on the time of day. All my laundry gets done on off-peak hours, which run from 7PM to 7AM weekdays, year round, and all weekend. On-peak and mid-peak times vary from winter to summer. I do, on average, 4 loads a week, including bedding and towels, and I hardly use any electricity at all.

Eating out is a big one. I don't "eat out" per se, but I do spend too munch on a McDonald's coffee/muffin...Once or twice a week is fine, but not every day. Ditto for the chocolate I buy. I hate cooking, so that's where I have the most trouble--I'd rather go to a deli and pick up something ready-made than cook. :-/

Oh, if you can bundle your phone/cable/internet, that can save. I was paying Bell Canada $43 per month for local service alone, so bundled everything with our cable company last year. My phone is less than $20 now. I also use a long distance calling card, because I don't make many long distance calls, usually only to my mom.

And I don't have a cell phone plan. A couple of years ago I bought an inexpensive cell phone at WalMart and put $100 for the year on it. I hardly ever use it, so I'm not spending much there. But if you text a lot, it can add up, no matter what plan. Though Canada has one of the highest, if not THE highest cell rates in the world.(So I recall hearing within the past few years.)

Everything is going up...except the average employee's income.

That corgi :) said...

all great ideas Robyn and very doable! turn the heat down at night too by a few degrees and throw an extra blanket on the bed :)


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