Saturday, December 22, 2012

OP Adventure

Yesterday TJ and I decided to take off on a little pre-Christmas adventure

Driving through a winter wonderland on I-70


Our first stop was Cabelas (though that first building is Great Wolf Lodge)

For some heartwarming holiday cheer

Aww, look how nice that lion is to pet the zebra.
We found a little unexpected something in the fish tank!!

and these guys

Next we had lunch at Sweet tomatoes, which coincidentally we also did last year on New Years Eve day. BTW, that soup in the picture was most excellent. It was roasted mushroom or something like that
Then we went to HoneyBaked Ham to get Christmas Eve dinner. It was packed AND there was a police officer inside!! People really go crazy for that ham.

Then it was Whole Foods
This one even has a gourmet kitchen for classes!
Inside they had a Festivus Pole!!
Next we went to the mall to try to find a Clarice at Build A Bear, but they were sold out. I did get some underwear at JCPenney's and got to pick out 2 more pins!!
Next we went Rawhide Harley. It is hard to see, but this is the window.
World's laziest Santa
Then it was off to Missouri for a very special evening!!

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