Sunday, December 16, 2012

Secret Santa 2012

We had our Secret Santa exchange last week at work since it was the only full week in December :)
The first day was something sweet. I got this cute mug with hot chocolate and Russel stovers candies in it
The second day was school supplies and I got this pencil box filled with goodies. I donated the pencils to the class i work in and the post it notes to the teacher :) I kept the notepads, pens, erasers and scissors (but I loan those out regularly lol)
Wednesday was something salty. I got chewy granola bars and fruit snacks. One of the kids in my class were really excited about that lol. I have been sharing the granola bars.

Thursday was some thing that smelled good. I got a snowman candle holder and candle

On Friday was our Christmas party and reveal. The party was at the home of the other third grade teacher (not the one I work with). She lives in a BEAUTIFUL old victorian and it was decorated beautifully. None of us wanted to leave.

This was my reveal gift. Awesome isn't it???
And guess who was my secret santa???? The other third grade teacher whose house we were at!! I had figured it out earlier that day because the ribbon she used on a couple of my gifts was the same she used on some pictures her students colored that were on her hallway bulletin board lol.

My secret santa recipient figured me out, too lol.

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That corgi :) said...

Its neat with a week of Secret Santas! I've only done it for a party, not for 5 days!! All great gifts and how cute you figured out who it was!