Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow and Presents, Oh My

The snow started about 11pm last night. It was blowing in sideways from the wind

This was the view out my bedroom window this morning
Snow on the window
View from the front door
My yard with a ridge of snow
Our street
the ridge goes across my driveway
Front of our house with the snow blowing from the wind
Unhappy pumpkin
Scout is not ready to come out
Snow blown up against the door
Snow on my wreath!!!
View out my diningroom window
Back patio
back door
Snow on the junipers
Scout still doesn't want to go out lol
Looking across the backyard
KJCK building
Hwy 77
When I woke up I had a text alert that we would have a delayed start at school today. I was happy with this as it allowed for an extra 2 hours of sleep, it would give time for the roads to be plowed and the wind to die down. A little while later they decided to cancel school altogether :( That meant no gingerbread house making, no breakfast making, no movie and snacks, no special lunch and no delivering presents. It was very disappointing. I ended up sleeping all morning.

I did have a nail appointment this afternoon so I made it to that okay. My little car cut right through that ridge of snow across my driveway!! Our road did not get plowed and she did okay on it (no sliding). I got my nails made pretty.

and toes
Scout liked them lol
TJ shoveled the walk and driveway!!
Scout still does not want to go outside
TJ got a Christmas dinner at work and presents from the company!!
My aunt and uncle sent us presents, too.
scout a present from his doggie cousin, Yogi!!

All in all it has been a pretty good day. I am going to do some cleaning up this evening. Tomorrow after I drop off presents and cookies at work TJ and I may try to go to Kansas City. Or Wichita.

Have you gotten any snow yet?

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Okay, I live in Ontario and I think that's WAY too much snow. ANY snow is way too much. :-p

Got a kick out of Scout looking out the door, not impressed. That's how my boys are, though Derry is more adventurous in winter than Nicki is. Annie was my snow baby--she's venture out most of the time, even just for a minute or two.