Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some Changes

Well, for now it is just two, but that may change.

Since I turned off word verification and set my comments to go to my email I have been getting ALOT of anonymous postings and it is pissing me off. I guess they may have been posting all along since turning off word verification, but now I see them. I tried to ignore them, but one really pissed me off.

I received a comment from Anonymous that said they had previously commented on a post and clicked to notify of any follow up comments, but were now getting all notifications of comments and to please remove them from this.

EXCUSE ME?????????????????????????????? You are probably one of the many spammers who post comments of no relevance but to advertise your own blog or business, inundating MY INBOX with worthless emails and you are asking ME to remove you because you clicked something that is now inconveniencing YOU? I don't think so! Remove yourself.

(I tried to find the email, but it went to the trash and got emptied lol)

I have set up comment moderation to be in effect for any posts over 14 days old to see if that cuts down on spam. I am also going to set it up that anyone posting under ANONYMOUS cannot post. The next choice is to comment with an Open ID which I think is user friendly to my readers. I do not want serious commenters to have to create a google account or anything. But I will resort to that if need be.

The only other option is word verification and I would HATE to have to go back to that as they are mostly illegible and a pain.

Any other suggestions?


That corgi :) said...

I think you are doing the right things, Robyn. I have comment moderation set up for posts over 14 days too and I found that a lot of my spam that comes in is over 14 days old so that catches those. Good idea to take away anonymous commenters too. I think really you will notice a difference and won't be getting the spam.


Fuzzy Tales said...

I have comment moderation on anything older than 3 days. Set yours lower, not 14 days--my $0.02.

Also, since I stopped allowing anonymous comments, I rarely get any spam at all.