Saturday, December 15, 2012

This and That

Where do I start? How about Thursday? Okay.

On Thursday I finished up a big chunk of Christmas shopping. For my husband. And me lol. I went out to Manhattan to pick up a library book on hold, first. Then I went over to JCPenneys to use my $10 gift certificate. I bought a slip and got 2 new buttons, but they were losers :( But I got to pick them out so they were cute! I also went to Bath and Body Works to get some lotion. Then I went to Hobby Lobby to get some more tri=beads to finish up the ornaments I am making the kids and safety pins for a project (I will share later this week). Then I went to post. I went to the PX and got TJ one of his presents and then Game Stop for some more. Next was the Commissary where I found some pretty cool stuff like this sparkling juice drink
Egg Nog
Speaking of which, I drank this one in 2 days!!
Biscoff Cookies!

Then I went home and relaxed.

Oh, on Wednesday I redecorated the tree and set everything aglow

Friday was our work party and I will talk about that in another post. It a word...AWESOME. Then I went lightseeing.

Today I slept in a bit, then lazed in bed a couple hours. I finished a book. Then I got up and started baking (another post) and cleaning up a bit. I took gravy to the CVMA party, but did not stay. I went to Walmart, then Goodwill where they were making ugly Christmas Sweaters!! They were taking the sweaters and decorating them with some of the Christmas merchandise.

After coming home I did some more decorating and wrapped Christmas presents!! Now I am sitting down to relax and do some online Christmas shopping. Tomorrow is church and I will hopefully finish cleaning up and unload one last tub. I would also like to make my kolacky cookies. And I have a special project that needs to get done. And my December Daily caught up. So much to do.

What are you doing this weekend?


That corgi :) said...

I like your lights!! Too cute that you redecorated your tree! Sounds like it has been good productive days!! We finished the majority of our Christmas shopping; just have two more gifts to get; all wrapped but those. So things are looking good!


iowajewel said...

ooooh, i love egg nog too, i gotta get some next week!