Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Twas The Week Before Christmas

And I am very busy!!

Monday night we went to the middle school band concert to see Miss K play. We also went to dinner. Yesterday I finished making candy cane ornaments for 2 classes at school. I was short just 5 candy canes so I decided to make the 5th grade cookies, because they appreciate edible presents more lol. I also signed cards for coworkers. I watched Charlie Brown Christmas and my favorite Happy Days Christmas episode.

This evening I am going to put together presents for coworkers and bake cookies. I cheated and bought the premade, preseparated ones. I will sprinkle one set with toppings and frost the other set. It is supposed to snow this evening!! Just about 3 inches, but it is going to be super windy. It is supposed to still be windy (but not snowing) in the morning so for once I am not hoping for a snow day!! We are making gingerbread houses and breakfast and watching movies tomorrow so we don't want to miss that!!

Here are some pictures from Saturday and Sunday...

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