Friday, December 28, 2012

Vacation Goals (Updated)

So, this is like the 10th post I have written in a 24 hour period!! Don't worry..I have them spread out over several days :) And they are all about goals!!!

Okay, so I have a goal list for the rest of my vacation, which is another week. It is...

1. Get bedroom and closet cleaned and organized
2. Get craftroom clean and organized.
3. Get tub side of garage clean and organized.
4. Take down Christmas decorations (except for blue, trees and nativities) and put away.
5. Finish my December Daily.
6. Organize files.

I'll be happy if half of that gets done!

I have not uploaded my pictures from Christmas Day yet so that is why I have not blogged about it.

I have not worked on my December Daily so that is why I have not had a post on it.

I may also sneak in a post about New Years Eve plans. Still finalizing those (it's really boring).

Question of the day....when do you take down your Christmas decorations? I normally like to leave mine up until January 6, but with the extra time of vacation it is easier to do it now. Plus, I am leaving out the blue and white and silver stuff for January.

UPDATE: I have decided that if I get #1 and #2 done I will go see Les Miserables as a reward. #3 and #4 I will get popcorn and #5 and #6 a drink :)

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That corgi :) said...

I like the new blog look and picture for the header Robyn. Good to set goals of what you might want to accomplish during your break. We took down the decorations yesterday (which weren't much, LOL, but I realize I did forget to take down one snowman).

I'm sure whatever you do on New Year's Eve it will be a fun time!