Sunday, December 2, 2012

We Got Our Tree

We decided to get our tree on Friday evening. There were some interesting clouds on the way

The Christmas tree farm

This is just a small fraction of the place.

A stump from a taken tree

TJ cutting our tree

He is so manly!

She is a soft white pine

I couldn't resist this shot

Taking our tree home

We named her Little Cotton Feather because she is so soft and dainty. We had a spot picked out by our front door, but because she is so sweet and small she is going to be moved to a better place where we can enjoy her more :)

Cutting down our own tree made us hungry so we went to dinner before going home

Have you put up your tree yet? Real or fake? If real, where do you go to get it?


That corgi :) said...

What a cute tree Robyn and a great name for her!! That food from Cracker Barrel looked delicious! If we put up a tree this year (son said he would put one up; I have no desire to) it will be a fake one :)


Fuzzy Tales said...

The tree looks sweet.

When I was a young girl and we lived in the country, I'd go with dad every year to cut our tree for the living room, and I always got a little tree or tree top for my bedroom. :-)

Our city stopped picking up Christmas trees for recycle/wood chipping quite some years ago, so all those of us without vehicles are stuck. I have an artificial, which is fine, I put it up the third week in November anyway.