Sunday, January 6, 2013

And There Has To Be A Shopping Plan.....

Grocery Shopping that is!! And menu planning.

For January we are going to take it day by day until I can get into a cooking groove. So, I will plan the meal the day before then afterschool buy the ingredients for that night's dinner. I should probably plan breakfasts, too. Lunch will be leftovers or a salad from school.

(I cheated yesterday and bought stuff for 2 meals, a smoothie and some stuff to have on hand. Except bread. Just realized I forgot bread!!)

In February I will do it half weekly. So like 3 days ahead.

In March, weekly. Friday I will plan the next week's menu and grocery shop on Saturday. I will continue in this manner.

I should also note I am not making an afterschool schedule. Ideally I will exercise right afterschool or after I get home then clean then make dinner, but if I am super hungry obviously that will come first lol. But basically I am not going to allow myself TV until I have exercised, computer until I have started cleaning and any other leisure activity (like reading or crafting) until after making dinner.

I think this will be the last of my goals and plans for awhile. Seems like I have enough!!! Writing them down and putting them out there, though, will hold me accountable.

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That corgi :) said...

I try to make the weekly menus the day we go grocery shopping for the week; it sure has helped keep focus on what is ahead for dinner (that's all I have to plan, the rest of the meals everyone's on their own, so to speak) and I also build my menus with what's on sale at the store to try to keep within a budget, provided we had a budget :)

great goals!