Friday, January 11, 2013


I stole this idea from Kiss My Broccoli, sans pictures.

Current Book: The Paris Wife. Not sure I will finish. It is interesting, but not compelling.

Current Music: Anything that comes on the radio lol.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Watching 6 episodes of Reba a night.

Current Nail Color: a dark rich red from Jane.

Current Drink: Orange Julius!!!

Okay, I lied, there is a picture!

Current Food: I have been making healthy vegetarian meals (well, two).

Current Favorite Show: REBA

Current Wish List: A tablet, but they are too expensive for now. A soda machine, but we keep forgetting to bring our gift cards to Walmart to purchase one! More pajamas from the Harley Shop and a maid.

Current Needs: A maid

Current Triumphs: some stuff at work, completing the first 2 weeks and title page of Project Life (will share soon), TJ and I completing this week's scripture study together, making a vegetarian meal.

Current Bane of My Existence: My wood chopping next door neighbor. He appears to have a wood chopping business.

Current Celebrity Crush: Oh, you know I love my Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds!!

Current Indulgence: Orange Julius

Current Blessing: My husband and cat, my job, my friends, my house.

Current Slang: I say "awesome" a lot.

Current Outfit: Jeans and my school t-shirt and sweatshirt. You can also find me wearing my white winter coat twice a day, weekdays.

Current Excitement: Going to Topeka tomorrow. American Revolution Unit in 5th grade Social Studies

Current Mood: Tired and I think a bit of depression is creeping in. Part of caffeine withdrawals, plus I am taking my Celex every other day until i can get my prescription refilled.

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That corgi :) said...

This was fun to read, Robyn. Wow, a wood cutting business. That would be a bit loud I think. It is interesting to discover who our neighbors are after we move in. We almost need to find out sometimes before we move in. Of course we are usually the guilty ones of being the loudest neighbors due to a certain dog.....

have a good weekend!

I too would like a maid; honestly check in with a cleaning service and see how much they would charge to do a monthly cleaning or whatever your needs are. Might be less than you think and you can budget it in.