Thursday, January 31, 2013


I found this pretty cool blog link through another blog for a project called CURRENTLY. She even has FREE downloadable cards for your Project Life albums. I am going to be adding that to mine. To kick it off I will post mine for this week right now...

Watching: Reba..... every night. I may actually get to the point where I can identify episodes the same way I do with the Brady Bunch!! I have been watching that, too.

Reading: The Book of Mormon, The Ice Queen and Alice Through The Looking Glass

Listening to: Kid Craddock in the morning for the whole 10 minutes it takes me to get to work!!

Making: nothing.

Feeling: tired, frustrated, hopeful, hungry

Planning: what to take to the next scrapbooking crop, what to cook, where to hang stuff in the house

Loving: Reba!! Especially Barbara Jean. She totally cracks me up.

What are you doing currently?

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Emily Adams said...

Hey - I'm doing this too! Are you just going to download her cards and use them? I found another one on pinterest with similar prompts. I've been thinking about making a few of my own though.