Sunday, January 20, 2013

Disney Style

For the past 2 Sundays I have went to church dressed like a Disney character.

It all started with my blue skirt from Olvera Street. Paired with my black shoes it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland
However, with my black hair I looked more like that chick in the gnome movie.
But my outfit was pure Alice

Today I decided to go as Snow White
I don't know what setting this is, but it gives me a cartoon face!!
I am a preppy Snow White
Sparkly headband
My Jimmy Choos
Hiding from the huntsman

Which character should I go as next???? I was thinking Sleeping Beauty, but I don't think I have my pink skirt anymore :(


That corgi :) said...

Belle from Beauty and the Beast?

very creative you are; both outfits looked very close to "princess wear."


Fuzzy Tales said...

You must have a very interesting and fun church. LOL.

A far cry from the stuffy, hypocritical Anglican church of my own upbringing.