Sunday, January 13, 2013

HOG Party

Last night was our annual Harley Owners Group Christmas Party. Since things are hectic in December and people are busy, they always hold it in January. It is also the first meeting of the year.

We always have a present exchange :)

TJ got the Bozo award. Every month someone gets nominated for doing something stupid and has to bring Bozo to all HOG events. TJ wore shorts yesterday in below freezing weather. Guess who nominated him??
I won this as a door prize
TJ won a centerpiece
Guess what I had for dinner?
We got a neck massager in the gift exchange (I had to steal it from someone else. the gift we bought got stolen, too!)
Look at my handsome man

It was a really fun night.

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That corgi :) said...

Looked like it was a fun night! What was TJ thinking going out in freezing weather with shorts on? I like gift exchanges where you can "steal" gifts; always fun and competitive!