Saturday, January 5, 2013

How About A Cleaning Schedule, Too?

Yeah, need one of those. Let's include laundry.

I have pretty much stuck to this okay. Sometimes I skip a week, though.

Monday -- whites
Tuesdays -- lights
Wednesdays -- darks
Thursdays -- towles and linens
Fridays, Saturdays Sunday night -- TJ

Yep, hubby prefers to do his own laundry.

Okay, now for cleaning. Nothing else has worked so I am going to try this...

Day 1 -- Master bathroom
Day 2 -- Master closet, coat closet and linen closet
Day 3 -- Master bedroom
Day 4 -- Livingroom
Day 5 -- diningroom
Day 6 -- kitchen
Day 7 -- guest bedroom and bathroom
Day 8 -- craftroom
Day 9 -- garage(includes car) and outside
Day 10 -- laundryroom/pantry

This will be a 2 week cycle, only done on weekdays and just a surface cleaning. If something does not get done it gets added to the next day with Saturday as a catch up day. It is also a general clean up, straighten up, declutter day.

On scheduled or unscheduled (ie snow days) days off whatever room I am on will get a deeper cleaning or organizational project done. In the summer there may be painting or a craft project specific to that room involved.

The garage is probably going to be unpacking boxes at first, then some organizing. Then I am not sure.

My reward system for this will be one bucket of paint or painting tool or something needed for the house, which I will keep track of for when we are ready to paint a room.

I am also going to make colorful lists of all these schedules to hang on the back of my craftroom door to chart my progress and remind myself what I need to do each day!!

I really hope I can keep up with all this. It seems like a lot, but I think overall it will make my life so much easier.

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That corgi :) said...

Fly Lady (who I've never checked out but a lot of people like) does things with keeping people organized on cleaning so many minutes a day (I want to say 15 minutes?) but she also does other planning things too, I think. Might be worthwhile to google her.

Good schedules though!