Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How I Will Nurture

The workshop project for One Little Word this month was to come up with intentions and actions for our word. This is what I came up with for mine.

1. Nurture SPIRIT. Or my relationship with Christ. To be accomplished through daily prayer and scripture study and better church attendance. TJ and I are striving to study the lesson for Sunday School ahead of time for our scripture study. I am reading the book of Mormon for my personal study. Right now I am looking for glad verses, but one the net reading I will be looking for my favorite ones :)

2. Nurture MARRIAGE. My relationship with my husband. I am trying to be kinder and spend more time with him. We have set aside that time each day to study the scriptures and I would also like to spend a little time playing a game together or taking a walk or something.

3. Nurture HEALTH. With better eating habits. More vegan meals, limited meats and sugar. I want to feel better overall and lose weight.

4. Nurture BODY. Through exercise and occasional pampering like massages. This goes with health. I want to treat my body like a temple and a well working machine :)

5. Nurture FRIENDSHIPS. I want to spend more time with friends and keep in touch with those who are far away. I also want to remember birthdays and send more cards i also want to offer more service or be more helpful.

6. Nurture HOME. I want to keep my house reasonably clean and start decorating it. Put up pictures, paint, do some projects.

7. Nurture STUDENTS. Be better at my job. Be more patient and encouraging. Love each and every one of them for who they are.

8. Nurture CALLING. My church calling. I am a visiting teaching supervisor, which means I collect visiting teaching reports from a set amount of members to report to the director. I want to make sure I am doing my job by making sure I send out on email before the end of the month. Then making phone calls to those I don't hear from and finally asking at church if need be. I want to do all this before being asked or reminded.

9. Nurture SISTERS. My church sisters. I want to make sure I do my visiting teaching every month as well as make sure I connect with those I teach once a week, either at church or with a phone call. And offer service to them.

10. Nurture CREATIVITY. I want to keep up with my Project Life and the art challenge. I also want to do at least one craft project a month.

11. Nurture CAT. I want to include Scout in all this. Not that he isn't spoiled already!! But I want to take him outside more and brush him more regularly (this will help control his shedding).

12. Nurture NEW LIFE. This one is for if I get pregnant. I want to welcome a pregnancy and take care of myself if it happens.

This is what my project for this month looks like

It goes in my Project life album


That corgi :) said...

Wow, you are very organized with this!! But it is great how you broke down nuturing into each of those categories and defined how you want to nuture to each of them!


iowajewel said...

wonderful ideas and plans! i love the idea of project life but don't want to do anything so structured myself, i'm just sticking to smashing but i am loving seeing your pages and others who do it!