Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's Been a Bummer Week, but I'm Bouncing Back!

This past week has been really hard for me. I battled quite a bit of depression, seemingly from out of the blue. I think it was from being sick most of December. It all caught up with me emotionally and mentally. Then I was sleeping most of the day. Not sure if that was a result of being depressed or it caused me to be depressed. In any case, i was feeling unmotivated and lethargic and just wasn't looking forward to anything or enjoying anything (like those commercials say). And it is true -- depression does hurt-- my legs were also sore and achy, although I think that may have been totally unrelated. But I was also overall achy and I think that was because of the depression. Your body just sort of rebels against you.

Anyway, yesterday I started feeling better. I made up my mind to get the kitchen straightened up and to do some dishes so i did that. Plus I started to put away the Christmas stuff in there. Then I put away more ornaments. TJ came home a little early from work and we went to Manhattan to return a library book and have dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Totally awesome to have one close by!!

Today I felt pretty good, too. I needed to go grocery shopping, but misplaced my ID so that ruled out the commissary so i decided to go back to Manhattan to HyVee, but I took a long drive, first. Guess what else we got in Manhattan???

Orange Julius!!! It is at one of the Dairy Queens. So so excited about that!

TJ has drill this weekend, but it is in Manhattan!! He is trying to transfer to the unit there so they invited him to drill with them this weekend and he will find out tomorrow of they have a place for him. The best part about it??? He gets released about 4pm and gets to come HOME!!!! Couldn't do that while in Wichita!! So we are praying he gets this transfer.

Since he was home he was able to go to the bowling alley to sub for Foot Locker's league bowling, but everyone showed up so we bowled 2 games
I sucked!! I could not even break 100, but TJ did the 2nd game. I need to go more often lol. They have "cyber" bowling from 10pm to 2am where you get unlimited bowling for $10 and they dim the lights and all. I am thinking that that might be fun once a month as a reward if I keep up with my exercising :) It is a good workout to bowl. TJ also wants his own ball and shoes now like I have. I want a new ball, too, but mine is still good. I told him I would get him a ball for Valentine's Day if he wants lol.

I hope you have had a better week, and are having a great weekend. Work starts again for me on Monday! I think I am ready to go back.

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That corgi :) said...

Sorry its been a tough week for you, Robyn. I think this time of year it is hard not to feel depressed with the cold weather, the let down after the holidays, etc, but glad to hear you are bouncing back so to speak. Bowling sounds like a great thing for you and TJ to do together as a hobby, maybe even get on a league yourselves, and you are right; it is good exercise.