Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Goals

1. Complete first month of Project Life

2. Lose 5 pounds

3. Do not eat any pork or red meat and chicken only once

4. Get all pictures or wall hangings hung.

5. Unpack at least 2 boxes from garage

6. Organize files

7. Get up by 7:am on school days.

8. 10 minutes walking 5 times a week with occasional running. Once a week hiking the Bluffs trail or the atomic cannon hill or South Park trail or the Riverwalk for one mile or the treadmill at the gym for 15 minutes.

9. 100% visit teaching.

10. Read scriptures every day.

December Recap

For December...
1. Get all my decorations up. DONE

2. Make at least 2 holiday inspired beverages I made crockpot cider. I made pineapple wassail, but when straining it wasn't thinking and poured it down the drain. d'oh!

3. Make Kolacky and shortbread or sugar cookies, plus at least one new cookie.Made sugar cookies and santa hat cookies (new)

4. Make ornament wreath and tree Done, but did not have enough to finish tree

5. Watch a Christmas themed movie or TV episode every single dayAlmost. I think i missed like 2 days total

6. Read a Christmas themed scripture with my husband everydayalmost

7. Get Krum Kaga from LindsborgSadly, no.

8. See the lights at The Plaza DONE

9. Look at Christmas LightsDONE

I did pretty good with my December goals!

10. Complete my December Daily

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That corgi :) said...

Good goals for January Robyn! Very achievable, especially the weight loss; just a little over a pound a week, very doable!

Great recap too with how well you did with December goals!