Saturday, January 19, 2013

Project Life Week 3

I have completed another 2 page layout. I used blue as the base color, but changed it up to a turquoise color inspired by the handout and January printable from Stamp Your Life LLC

This goes from Saturday, 1/12/13 to 1/18/13 (pictures taken with the poster effect setting. If you have a recommendation on what setting works best with PL pages please share!)

Saturday and Sunday
HOG Christmas party and TJ getting the Bozo Award
On Sunday I felt like I had dressed like Alice in Wonderland with my blue skirt and black shoes (BTW, I am watching the cartoon right now!). By coincidence our Relief Society teacher at church that day handed out a quote and picture from Alice in Wonderland!! I included it, especially since it talked about goals.(they just showed that part of the movie!)
I journaled up the side.
Monday through Friday
I did not have a picture from school, but I wanted to document that I completed 5 years.
Of course I had to document the Criminal minds episode from this week and I wanted to include a picture of TJ and BOZO, who is staying with us.
What is wrong in this picture???
I want to inclide the nail colors I wear this year. I just realized I cut out the Walmart picture. There were a bunch of birds on the sign and it looked dirty!

I really enjoyed making these pages (I also worked on them while watching Criminal Minds again. This time I cried). I finished the last pictures tonight with some help.

I am loving this project!


That corgi :) said...

You have a great helper! Looks really nice!! Cool you found a project you enjoy doing!


Kim said...

Okay, you just reminded me to get my last round of 2012 pictures printed to get them in my album. Isn't Project Life great? Kudos to you for doing weekly layouts!

iowajewel said...

great things that you included! and that is so cool about church and Alice! don't you love that when things happen like that? love the idea of showing your nail polish! i need to do a smash page about that!