Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project Life Weeks 1 & 2 and Title Page

I finally completed the beginning of my Project Life album. Before I show it to you let me share my "rules"

1. I do NOT have to take pictures EVERY day.
2. A "week" does not have to be 7 days. It can be more or less.
3. A page does not have to be a full week.
4. A week can take up more than one page.
5. A big or special event will be done as a traditional layout :)
6. More than one picture or collage can be used for one day.

I am basically separating the album by months so if the weeks are not exact in the page protectors it is okay. I plan to print my pictures on either Fridays or Saturdays and putting together what I have.

That being said may I present my title page.....
I did not originally even think of having a title page until I saw someone else's album. Then, I happened to look over to the game shelf in the diningroom and saw my game of LIFE. That was the inspiration for my title page!!

I got the quotes from HERE. For free.

The first week. It goes from December 31st(Monday night) through Sunday, January 6.

The 2nd "week". Monday, January 7 through Thursday, January 10. (there won't be anything for the 11th)

My color theme for the month of January is blue.


Anonymous said...

Your rules seem like sweet little assurances that you know will help you to do Project Life. Those are good, but really what they all sum up to is "let Project Life be whatever it's supposed to be for you week to week." Make it fun!
You go girl!

That corgi :) said...

I like it and I like that you are defining how you want to chronicle your life and what constitutes a week, etc. Very nicely done!


Kim said...

I like your title page!