Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sorting Through the Emotions

What makes for good TV? When an hour long drama series takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions that leaves you feeling stunned, hurt and just plain amazed at how truly awesome the episode you just watched was.

Thus was the episode of Criminal Minds I watched last night. I cannot remember a time when an episode of a TV show affected me so. I even dreamt about it!

I learned that last night's episode was a new one from Matthew Gray Gubler's (he plays DR. Reid) Facebook page. (He should have included a disclaimer!! LOL). Later I learned it would center around Dr. Reid. SCORE! It promised to be tense, but that was okay. I was happy.

From the very beginning I knew the episode would be awesome. It started with a dream Reid was having and went on to show a conversation between him and Hotch (with extreme closeups) to a plea to the team for help in fin ding his missing girlfriend with Reid quite in distress. This was quite new for Reid who is normally very mild mannered.

I knew this episode would be epic.

It did not disappoint. It was intense, thrilling, emotional, sweet, and at times tender. It also kept me hopeful and very much anticipating something that ultimately never ever came.

At the culmination of this very wild ride of an episode was an ending so shocking and heartbreaking that it literally left me stunned and unable to believe how it all went down. I could not even cry because I was just blown away by it all. I was angry (did you read my post from last night????), depressed, sad and just in awe.

Because no matter how horribly it ended, this episode was truly the best one of Criminal Minds I have ever seen. It was so great on so many levels, including the unthinkable ending. It was perfect, really. I fully expect this episode to be nominated for (and win) an Emmy this year. I also expect MR. Gubler to win an Emmy for this episode as he was amazing.

Now I know that this is just a show, but for it to elicit such emotions and reactions you know it has to be pretty special. That's some great TV right there!

If you would like to experience this emotional roller coaster ride for yourself you can watch it here . I am thinking of watching it again tonight.


That corgi :) said...

my, it does sound intriguing! might have to watch it some time. It is interesting how something can hold our attention and interest like this though.


iowajewel said...

i fell the exact same way about my favorite show Fringe!