Friday, January 4, 2013

Yet Another Goal For January

I find that if I write these down I can remember them better and strive for them lol.

I need to start getting up earlier. And I'd like to start wearing makeup regularly again. If I meet my wake up goal.

Okay, here it is...

January: get up by 7am on school days EVERY DAY (yes, sometimes I sleep later than this). Start wearing concealer (gotta start somewhere, right??)

February: get up by 6:45am. Start with 6:55 one week, then 6:50, etc. Add eye shadow.

March: get up by 6:30 am. Add blush.

April: get up by 6:15 am. Add foundation

May: get up by 6am. Add eyeliner and mascara.


August: get up by 6:45 am. Concealer and eye shadow

September: get up by 6:30 am. Add blush.

October: get up by 6:15 am. Add foundation.

November: get up by 6am. Add eyeliner.

December: get up by 5:45 am. Add mascara. By this time I should be exercising in the mornings!!

1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

Its great that you are starting with small increments in getting up earlier. I think it will be easier to manage them then if you tried longer ones, like half an hour earlier, etc. Good luck with it!