Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Little Health Update

Before I start I wanted to share that I was on Blogger less than an hour ago posting about Scout and when I came back the home page had changed!!! Not a major change, but a few little things. One thing it tells you is how many views you have had. I have had a lot!

Okay, last week I wrote about some problems I had been having with anxiety. And some depression. I am happy to report that this week has been much better! I really think that the early week stomach flu was a major contributer. I think that I do not handle nausea as well as most people. Does anyone else feel incredibly hopeless when they have nausea? Like they are going to die or never feel better again? It is really hard to describe. It is weird. Anyway, I have not had any Xanax in over a week, either.

I got a call from the doctor's office and my sleep test came back normal. And my sodium levels are above normal. Hmmm. The referral for me to see a gynecologist came through so I need to call them tomorrow to make an appointment. I have my physical exam a week from today with my regular doctor. Still have not heard about physical therapy for my knee.

I have been eating healthier since Monday. I am not even craving sugary soda!! Actually, I am not even craving soda water, but have had it. I am not craving caffeine, either. Or meat. I did buy 2 lobster tails today to eat tomorrow, but not really craving fish, either. I made a stirfry with lots of tofu and mushrooms earlier in the week and have been eating a lot of eggs so that is probably why. I have been obsessed with eggs lately. Fried eggs (I just spray the pan with Pam). I have ate them alone, with tomatoes, on a sandwich, on a sandwich with peanut butter!! And over some of my stirfry. I can't get enough!! My cholesterol is probably going to go through the roof!!

I am also down 5 more pounds this month so I am at about 180. My goal for March is another 5!! Which reminds me, I need to start working on my March Goals post for tomorrow.

What is something you are obsessed lately??? Food or otherwise.


That corgi :) said...

That's interesting about your sodium levels, Robyn. Did they tell you to drink more water? Glad to hear it was a better week for you! WTG on losing 5 pounds this month. Slow and steady keeps it off I think!

I like chopped hard boiled eggs mixed with mayo on a piece of toast, yum!


Kim said...

That's good that your sleep apnea test came out normal. Good luck with the gyno. :)