Thursday, February 14, 2013

Changing My TV Viewing

I have always found a lot of comfort in television. Whether I was upset and needed a distraction, was worried about earthquakes and needed a distraction at night, or wasn't feeling good and needed a distraction, TV was always there. I loved TV my whole life. I looked forward to my favorite shows and at one point in my youth could tell you what was on every station every day during primetime. We did not have cable growing up because the antenna got all the local channels just fine. Same in Florida. I had cable for 2 years in high school on one TV which I paid for. The next time I had cable was when I moved out here because antennas just didn't work. You could get maybe one or 2 stations that way. I started with the very limited selection of Eagle Communications, then more on post with Allegiance and finally a digital tier with my Cox bundle that gave me over a hundred channels AND HD choices.

However, having all that was expensive. And I was the only one really watching it. My husband likes to watch YouTube videos of his favorite shows. So it just was not worth it anymore. So I went to Cox and cancelled not only my digital tier, but my regular cable as well, opting for just 20 or less channels. It broke my heart.

In the meantime, people on Facebook were telling me about Netflix and Hulu and how you could get TV shows and movies and watch them whenever and much cheaper. They told me about devices you can get for your TV so you can watch them on there. So TJ and I went to Best Buy and talked to a tech and we bought a Netgear device for the bedroom and learned that we can use our Xbox 360 as well (in our livingroom) with their gold membership which is $60 a year ($5 a month!!). That plus the $8 for Netflix and $8 for Hulu Plus came to $21 a month for TV!!! Much cheaper than cable!

I signed up for both tonight. When I looked at all the networks that HULU Plus carries I nearly cried. All these shows I love to watch right there for me to watch ANYTIME I want!! And regular Hulu has old TV shows I can watch when I want. Netflix has some TV shows and movies. All available to me when I want.

Tomorrow I am going to Cox and cancelling my cable altogether. I am still getting internet through them because it is pretty good and I have not had any problems.

Now there are a couple drawbacks...the new episodes of TV shows are not released until the day after they air on regular TV so I will always be a day behind. I have pretty much given up watching anything live as it happens unless the news networks have live streaming on their websites. So I do not have that sense of being connected as a comfort anymore. I am sure I will adjust in time, though.

How do you watch TV? Do you have cable? Dish? Hulu?


That corgi :) said...

I like what you will be doing and it sounds so much more cheaper than cable!!! I'd go with something like that since I don't watch a lot of TV but I think without cable, hubby and son would not know what to do :)

I watch a few programs here and there on TV, but not much of a viewer except if I'm going to follow American Idol and decided not to follow it this year. It seems like I would get hooked on a show and then it would be taken off the air so now I don't try to get hooked on anything :)

hope you had a nice day!


iowajewel said...

we have basic cable about 9 channels that we pay $13.00 a month for. i never watch tv except with my hubby at night. we watch most everything on xfinity the next day (or the next week with some shows.) the commercials are so short so i spend less time. almost all the regular shows are on there except American Idol and The Mentalist. we also have Netflix where i watch movies and tv shows after they come out on DVD. i wouldn't have tv at all but my hubby likes it.