Friday, February 22, 2013

Currently 2-22-13

Participating in the CURRENTLY challenge today. Will have snow pictures up later.


Watching: Days of Our Lives. Literally. I am watching it as I type this lol.

Reading: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. From the movie previews it looked like a good story so I read a sample on my Nook then bought it as a treat when I was sick this past weekend.

Listening: nothing in particular.

Making: a decorative collage for the spare room, plans for eating healthier the next 8 weeks and a binder for all my warranties and information for the house.

Feeling: like not doing anything. Very lethargic and tired.

Planning: a cleaning schedule for the next 2 weeks

Loving: having 2 snow days in a row!!!!!

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That corgi :) said...

love your new blog header picture. Scout looks great by the fire! I was just on someone's blog who saw Safe Haven and said it was a good movie; glad you are enjoying the book.