Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exit Anxiety, Enter Snow!! (UPDATED)

Thankfully, the anxiety I was experiencing went away yesterday after a good night's sleep and the soothing efffects of Xanax. I was really tired, though. Had a pretty good day at work. Came home and did NOTHING. LOL. Just relaxed.

They called a snow day for today before we even left school yesterday!!! UNPRECEDENTED. They said they would make a decision about tomorrow before 10pm tonight.

I was a little concerned that my anxiety was replaced with depression. When I have depression I do not cry a lot or feel like I want to die or anything extreme. Instead, I feel lethargic, and do not really look forward to anything or take joy in anything and I kinda felt like that last night. I slept most of today. I am still feeling tired and a bit lazy, but I am looking forward to another possible snow day and the weekend, so that is good :)

We have gotten about 6 1/2 inches of snow here. Not the 12-15 they were predicting but it has left a nice blanket. Other places did get the foot or more and blizzard like conditions. A couple huys came by this afternoon and asked of I wanted my driveway snowblown. They were accepting donations so i gave them $10 and they did the driveway and shoveled my walkway. I figured my husband would appreciate that since he worked today (he had a 2 hour delay).

It is still snowing a little bit, but I do not think it is going to make much of a difference. I think we are going to end up with a 2 hour delay tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about those. On one hand it is nice to have an extra 2 hours to sleep in, BUT some of the kiddos (and adults) have trouble with the adjustment to the day's routine. It is almost better to just have a regular day. But the BEST thing wuld be a day off!!

I will have another post with pictures probably tomorrow.

UPDATE: The cancelled school for tomorrow!!!!!!!! 4-day weekend!!!!!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

6.5 inches of snow is 6.5 inches too much, IMO. You can have ours too, along with the minus 21 Celsius windchill we had today.

I hope you get a day off tomorrow, though!

That corgi :) said...

Seems reasonable with that much snow they would cancel school, especially with it being a Friday. Enjoy your weekend and I'm glad to hear you are doing better!


E. Smith said...

Four day weekends are the best!