Friday, February 1, 2013

February Goals UPDATED

UPDATE: I had prewritten this and for got to finish updating January's goals lol

February Goals:

1. Learn to play chess --- my husband knows how to play and he can teach me!

2. Lose 5 more pounds for a goal weight of 180

3. Red meat and pork once a month, chicken and fish once a week and lots of vegetarian meals!!

4. Get most of my pictures and stuff hung on the walls.

5. Start unpacking boxes from the garage

6. Organize files

7. Get up at 6:45 on school days.

8. 15 minute walking 3 times a week, 1 hike a week, and 1 day of stretching or yoga.

9. Complete at least 3 Valentine's Day projects

10. Go on a vacation with hubby

January recap

1. Complete first month of Project Life -- Still need to do this past week

2. Lose 5 pounds -- DONE

3. Do not eat any pork or red meat and chicken only onceNot so much

4. Get all pictures or wall hangings hung.moved to February

5. Unpack at least 2 boxes from garageNope

6. Organize filesmoved to February

7. Get up by 7:am on school days.DONE

8. 10 minutes walking 5 times a week with occasional running. Once a week hiking the Bluffs trail or the atomic cannon hill or South Park trail or the Riverwalk for one mile or the treadmill at the gym for 15 hiking, but walked pretty regularly

9. 100% visit teaching. Sadly, no

10. Read scriptures every day.almost


Fuzzy Tales said...

I'm impressed you're even making goals...and being honest in your recounting of your achievements! I think being able to even just make goals is half the battle. I make "to do" lists, but goals? Nope.

At least I've stuck to the "good news jar" since I started it.

Mancatly smooches to Scout from my boys.

GingerV said...

sounds like a good ambitous month. mine sounds like.... join a gym again. get back to 3 workouts a week and 3 walks a week. quit eating junk food - do cold turkey.
find a dance club to join.
I have a full month should be able to make myself do this list.

That corgi :) said...

I do like how you list your goals for the month and also your goals from the previous month and how you did with them. I'm sure with the weather warming up as spring approaches, it will make some of the goals more doable as far as wanting to unpack boxes, take hikes, etc.

a vacation sounds like a great thing to plan for too!