Sunday, February 10, 2013

Livingroom Pictures and V-Day Plans

It is a classic windy day here in Kansas (the kind we are known for!) and I am taking it easy here at home. I decided to forego church because I did not feel like battling the gusty winds to get there (lots of open roads to get to Manhattan). I cannot wait until we are back in our building FIVE minutes away!! Even Scout is afraid to go outside and in the garage because the sounds of the wind are scaring him.

So, the other night I finally got some pictures up in my livingroom
My beautiful bridge picture, older than me, and it lights up. Now it feels like home
My swirly tree painting. To me it represents the windiness of Kansas.
Shotglass shelf and picture
I bought this to go over my shotglasses since they are from places I have been (and a couple people have given me)

My LDS wall

I took this picture

I have one more wall that I need TJ to hang the pictures on (it is hard for me to reach). I also need to find the boxes with the shot glasses and straighten the room up a bit before it is complete :)

In other news, Valentine's Day is this week :) I had great ambitions to make Valentines out of tags for all 3 classes I work in, but I ended up making them for only the primary one, with pencils. The other classes will be getting Tootsie Pops. That's it!

Since we have 2 social engagements planned, I decided that for Valentine's evening I would cook a nice dinner of steak and potatoes. On Friday I am planning to go back to Topeka(we went yesterday) with my friend whose husband is deployed to go to a painting party with other friends. I am excited to add something for our bedroom :) On Saturday TJ and I have our HOG party for TJ's motorcycle group and then the NEXT Saturday we have a dinner/dance for the CVMA, TJ's OTHER motorcycle group!! It's a busy month!!

What are your Valentine's plans?

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That corgi :) said...

I like all the pictures, Robyn. Nice job! My son collects shot glasses too from places he's been, etc.

Sounds like a nice Valentine day dinner!! I think we're keeping it simple; not sure yet what we are doing.