Monday, February 25, 2013

ManCat Monday With Scout -- Master Vet Avoider

Hey all!! Happy Monday!! I am one happy cat today and I will tell you why......I have successfully avoided going to the vet not just once, but twice!!!

I was supposed to go last Monday when Mommy was home, but she was still feeling sick and I took care of her and made sure she was relaxed and taking it easy and she just forgot all about taking me to the vet!


Now, I was supposed to go to the vet TOMORROW, but because we have another big snowstorm due to hit overnight the vet moved my appointment to Wednesday!!!!

Now I just have to figure out a way to get out of that one. I am on a roll so I think it can be done!

We are hoping to have another snuggle day tomorrow. Mommy wanted to sleep in this morning sooo bad. She said she would have even been happy with a 2 hour delay!! But the roads and skies were clear (well, the sky was cloudy, but nothing was falling). I tried staying in bed, but I got bored.

Oh, and Mommy is being mean this evening. She only let me go play in the garage ONCE and outside ONCE and she will not let me out no more!! She says it is too cold, but I am a brave mancat with lots of furs!!

Here are a couple cute pictures of me for your viewing pleasure. Have a good week!!!!

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That corgi :) said...

oh Scout; you know how important it is to go to the vet so you remain healthy! So go willingly, maybe there will be a treat involved!