Monday, February 11, 2013

ManCat Monday With Sweet Scout

Hello everyone. Happy Valentine week. Do you have a Valentine? I might. Her name is BooBoo and she lives next door. She is a dog!!! She always talks to me when I go outside and the other day she snuck out of her yard and came over and visited me!!

It has been a fun week. As mommy told you before, I finally took a walk down the street. It was pretty cool, until I came to some leftover snow. I accidentally stepped in it and it was COLD!! The next day it was colder out so I only walked around the backyard and visited with BooBoo through the fence.

I got some snuggle time in with Mommy on the couch

Then Mommy was sick one day and stayed home with me ALL day. We watched TV all morning then took a nap in the afternoon. Best of all she brought out this fantastick pillow thing that is WARM! When she got up I would sit on it!! She did not like that, though. She said it helped her back and stomach feel better, but I think she just wanted to be warm lol.

On Saturday Mommy left me home alone all day!!! I swear it was like a whole week, but she said it was one day. Yesterday she stayed home with me all day and we slept until 1pm, then took a 3 hour nap!!

How was your week?


Fuzzy Tales said...

We think you did really well on the harness and leash, Scout, and are impressed. Keep it up!

As for our week...It definitely was far colder and snowier than yours. LOL.

Hurry up, Spring!

That corgi :) said...

I know you like your snuggle time with your Mom Scout! Sorry though that she wasn't feeling well :(