Monday, February 18, 2013

Rough Weekend

It has been a rough coupke of days. It started on Thursday night when hubby got sick with a stomach virus. He was up every hour in the bathroom so neither of us got much sleep. he wanted me to go t the doctor with him Friday morning, which I did, then stayed home to take care of him Friday. We both got some much needed sleep. Missed our HOG Valentine party (which we thought was Saturday, anyhow).

On Saturday I was lazy and did not feel like doing anything. We did get our Xbox 360 and Netgear hooked up to watch HULU and Netflix. TJ went bowling that evening and I watched Reba.

Then, guess what??? I got sick. Same thing as TJ. I was able to take some Zofran and stop the yuckiness in the early hours of the morning. Then I developed a fever (which TJ never had) and spent Sunday sleeping and battling the big D. I did not even want to watch TV (you know I am sick when that happens!). TJ stayed home from church at my request and took care of me. He went out and got me Imodium and soup and applesauce. By evening my fever had broke and I was feeling better, except for my tummy. I watched some TV and fell asleep.

I was feeling better today. I mangaged to clean up the bathrooms and kitchen in preparation for the cleaning lady to come tomorrow(meaning I picked stuff up so she can actually clean), but then my fever came back at 99 and I felt weak and dizzy. I think because I have not had much to eat. Not much sounds good. And usually once I do have something I do not want it again. I have developed a strong fondness, though, for watered down Gatorade.

Today was a day off for work, which was good, but tomorrow is not. I plan to go as long as I do not have a fever. My stomach is under control for now and if I have to lie in bed for another day I think I will go crazy with depression.

Oh, and I forgot to take Scout to his vet appointment today. I hate being sick.


Kim said...

You got a cleaning lady?

That corgi :) said...

so sorry you got sick; I too don't like being sick; hope you are up and running tomorrow!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Ugh. That was quite a nasty bug. The only good thing is that it seems to have been short (I hope)!