Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scout's Vet Report 2013

Presented by Scout and Mama.

Mama: After work yesterday I called TJ to tell him to tell Scout to be ready when i got home, we were going to the vet.

Scout: Out of nowhere Daddy picked me up and shoved me in my carrier before I knew what was happening!!

Mama: I had planned to just put him on the leash, but when Daddy goes he insists on having the carrier. I was told Scout sat calmly in it until i came home and then he started fussing.

Scout: I thought Mommy would take me out!!!

Mama: Then we drove to the vet. Oy. Yowling ALL THE WAY!

Scout: I HATE THE CAR!!!

Mama: so we get to the vet and walk in and Scout is STILL yowling up a storm.

Scout: I like to announce my presence

Mama: So we set him down on a chair and opened the carrier, but he did not want to come out. So I had to sit on the floor next to him and pet him so he would not cry

Scout: That was nice. I heard a dog, too, but never saw him. It didn't bother me because I like dogs

Mama: Then we went inot an exam room. We had to FORCE Scout out of the carrier. I held him for awhile. Then he heard a cat meowing and got upset and started growling. Then he hissed at Daddy!! We let him sit under the chair.

Scout:The cat sounded mean!!! And I was irritated.

Mama: then Scouted climbed back on my lap and sat there for a minute. Then he did something he has never done before..... he climbed onto Daddy's lap and sat there!!!

Scout:Daddy is big and strong and I knew he would protect me from the mean cat

Mama: The cat wasn't mean, Scout. Just crying like you.

Scout: whatever. Then the doctor came in. It was Dr. Arneson instead of Dr. Julie. I usually see Dr. Julie, but Dr. Arneson has done my teeth before.

Mama: Scout did very well during his exam and shots.....

Scout:The assistant lady was holding me down, but she gave me a very nice head rub. Dr. Arnesan is gentle, too, but she stuck something up my butt!!!!!

Mama: she took his temperature. She said he was a very good kitty, though. Of course, she had not been there for the yowling and growling and hissing lol

Scout: whatever

Mama: We got Scout some Advantage and made an appointment to get his teeth cleaned in a couple weeks.

Scout:I'm not going. I am going to hide. There was a poopy head cat next to me last time.

Mama: whatever.

You can read last year's report HERE


Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, oh, man...You have to go back?!? For a dental?!? :-0

Yes, hide!!!

That corgi :) said...

I think you did great Scout!!! The dental won't be bad in a coupl eo fweeks and then you'll be all done hopefully for the year!