Friday, February 1, 2013

Taking Care of Me

I had a doctor's appointment today. It was a new patient appointment as with my TriCare Select I can no longer go on post unless I call after 2pm for a same day appointment and that is only for family practice. I could not schedule a well woman or anything so I decided to start going to a local doctor. Her office is in the hospital annex and that is right down the road from me!!

So, my appointment was for 10:30 am. I had all my paperwork filled out since they sent it in the mail, but got there fairly early (My job is also 5 minutes away). They were running late so I did not get seen until 11:15! Then I was in the office for awhile waiting for the doctor and going over my problems he he. She patiently listened to everything and actually set a plan of action for everything. Whic I will tell you. Except for one because it is embarrassing.

Chronic fatigue -- since I have already been tested for a thyroid problem she decided to have me tested for sleep apnea, especially since I snore. (more on that later)

Knee pain -- she examined my knees and prescribed Naproxen (which they did on post). THEN she said they would get permission from Tricare to get me in for physical therapy!!!! On post all they did was give me a pamphlet with exercises I am not sure I even did right.

Anxiety -- I asked for, in addition to my regular Celexa, some Xanax for extra tough times. I explained that I usually only take them for flying and I took one the other night and could not remember the last time before that I took one. She said if I am taking them too regularly we would need to up my Celexa. I thought she would prescribe like 5 of them, but she gave me more than that. I am hoping I really do not have to use them, though.

She had me schedule another appointment for 1 month to have a full physical (I cannot remember the last time I had one) and 3 months for the anxiety and depression. She also is going to try to get Tricare to approve a referral to a gyno for some issues I am having.

So after all this she gave me a paper to register for blood work and to get a sleep apnea monitor thing. Since I had not eaten I went to Registration right away. THAT lady was soooooo nice. She got me in the system and then told me to wait for the lab to call me in (next to her office). Then she called me back and asked if I had time to meet with the sleep apnea lady. I said sure since I was going on being there nearly hours and work knew I was going to be later than I originally thought. While I was waiting for her to get the paperwork the lab called me in. So I had my blood drawn (note to self-- always have them use my right arm!!) then went back to registration. She called the sleep apnea lady to come down and get me. She did and took me to where they do the sleep study. The room looks like a cross between a motel and hospital room lol. She checked out a monitor to me. It will test to see if I possibly have sleep apnea and if it looks like I do I will have to go in for a sleep study. I suspect this is the case.

So that was my really fun 3 hour doctor appointment experience lol. I am glad that this doctor is actually taking some action to help me with some of my health woes AND that I was not embarrassed to tell her some embarrassing stuff that was going on.


Fuzzy Tales said...

I'll be particularly interested in the findings re: sleep apnea. Someone who has it suggested I might, in part because I also snore, and coupled with the constant exhaustion, not feeling rested, etc. But I also know that not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, though that's the extent of my knowledge.

Good luck. It's *great* you're taking care of your health, physical and mental!

That corgi :) said...

Good that you took care of this appointment, Robyn; your doctor does sound like she is thorough! Great too that you are getting checked for sleep apnea; I know it can lead to lots of problems down the line if it isn't treated. Don't worry about sharing embarassing things with doctors; they've probably heard, seen worse in their years of getting to be a doctor. I type these reports and I wonder how surgeons can be so matter of fact about cutting into someone, but its what they've been trained to do, so your doctor has been trained to take the best care of you, including what we may thing is embarrasing for us.