Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Sorry this is a couple days late, but TJ was sick and I was taking care of him. he got sick Thursday night and was up every hour in the bathroom so we both barely slept. and his back was hurting really bad. I took him to Alpha Care yesterday morning and then stayed home with him the rest of the day. We caught up on much needed sleep and TJ says he feels 100% better today.

Now, about Valentine's Day....

I came home from work and decorated the diningroom

I set a pretty table for a romantic dinner of steak and potatoes

For dessert we had an icecream cake

We exchanged presents

I gave TJ a light set for his bike and he got me a bear with flashlight in his paw and a glass rose to replace the one I broke.

I got some goodies from work as well

Kindergarten made me the awesome box!

I gave 2 of my classes tootsie pops, but for the one I am in the longest I made tags with pencils. And I made cards for friends

It was a pretty good day until Tj got sick LOL

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That corgi :) said...

So sorry about TJ being sick; glad to hear he is feeling better! But it did look like a great day before that indeed!