Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vision Boards

The project for February for my One Little Word class is vision boards for our words. I decided to do 2 -- one overall one and one for my February intention of Nurturing my marriage :)

My word is Nurture, but for this I did not really focus on the word, more on things I want to do or see happen and words that stood out to me. I also included some photos. Can you tell what the overall theme of mine seems to be??? LOL

Kinda did the same thing with my February board with the pictures and words.

I put them on a wall in my Craftroom. I plan to use this wall for projects I am working on or want to display.

I liked doing these so much that I decided to make a collage picture for my guestroom. Someone brought in a bunch of magazines at work AFTER I had completed my vision board and I could not resist.


That corgi :) said...

I like these boards, Robyn. The second one is very appropriate for Valentine's Day and February :)


FootPrints said...

aaawww the second one is so cute! what a great idea!

iowajewel said...

i love making collages, love yours especially the valentine's one!