Sunday, March 3, 2013

About Me and My Day

Today's list is ABOUT ME so here it is...

1. Daughter of God
2. Wife
3. Cat mom
4. Friend
5. Para
6. Crafter
7. Explorer
8. Traveler
9. Worrier
10. Nurturer

I have a cool idea for how I will write this one out and put it in my PL album.

In other news, today was a very productive day. I slept in until 10am and lazed in bed until 11am (that was not the productive part). I made a healthy chocolate shake (it had spinach in it!!) for breakfast.

Then I proceeded to do ALL of my laundry (plus linens), clean out and reorganize my pantry (I had 3 full trash bags of expired stuff), reorganize some stuff on my kitchen counters, unload the dishwasher and do some dishes by hand, reorganize my tupperware cabinet and straighten up my closet.

I also did a lot of work on Pinterest, moving and deleting pins, deleting boards, and rearranging boards.

I rounded out the evening by taking a hot bath, watching the remake of Footloose and then SNL and reading blogs. And writing this :)

Scout would like you to know that he went outside a couple times, but I was mean and would not let him go in the garage this evening. I would like you to know that he is LUCKY I even let him out at all as yesterday evening I was hanging a wreath on the front door and accidentally did not close it all the way and he snuck out for a little exploring around the side of the house!! He was on kitty lockdown last night.

How was your day?

1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

I like your green look of your blog, Robyn. Great to read the facts about you; I'm confused, what is a para??

Sounds like you did have a productive Saturday!