Saturday, March 9, 2013

Comfort Foods and I Oughtta Lists

I forgot to do yesterday's list. It was Comfort Foods. I don't really have comfort foods. I eat whatever is here. If I am sad or upset it does not really matter as long as it tastes good LOL. So for my comfort foods I am going to list food that I feel more comfortable knowing are in my house lol. Stuff I try to never be without.

List 8 -- "Comfort" Foods

1. Pasta noodles

2. Pasta or tomato sauce

3. Bananas

4. Dates (as a sweetener)

5. Milk

6. Rice

7. Beans

8. Cheese

9. Chocolate

10. Vegetables

Today's list is "I Oughta Do" I swear this is just a variation of a couple lists I did already. But here they are

I Oughtta....

1. Clean and organize my house
2. Start clearing some of the backyard for a garden
3. Put my PL stuff away after I use it
4. Organize all of my probate paperwork.
5. Get my tax stuff together and make an appointment with HR Block
6. Brush my cat
7. Put something new in my Scentsy warmer

How do you properly spell "Oughtta" ???

1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

I like your list of comfort foods; mine would include chocolate :)

Oughtta is a strange word to spell; I don't think spell check likes it :)

Does Scout like to get brushed?