Sunday, March 10, 2013

Craving and Currently

Today's 30 Days of Lists list is I Am Craving...

I am craving...

1. Creativity

2. A clean house

3. Organization

4. Healthy foods

5. Green smoothies

6. Cable TV

Are you craving anything today?

I also forgot to do my weekly Currently on Friday so here it is today

Watching: My Big fat Greek Wedding on TBS. Yep, I got my cable back!!!

Reading: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Still. I can only read a bit at a time because of the intensity of the part I am on. Also, The Murder of King Tut, by James Patterson.

Listening: 80s music!! I have one music channel on my TV and it plays 80s music!!

Making: Greens smoothies!!!

Feeling: healthy

Planning: meals for the week

Loving: having cable again!!!

1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

Never had a green smoothie; sounds interesting :)

glad you got back cable!