Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guess Who Is Back?????

So, TJ had his monthly HOG (Harley Owner's Group) meeting Monday night. He said the first part of the meeting went well and then it went downhill when he had to speak. I worried that he had maybe said something insulting or I don't know what, but he made it sound like it was something really bad. He started to explain that he got up to talk about Run For the Wall in May (since he is assistant road captain and may need to lead this ride). I wondered what he could have said that was so bad. He said that he meant to say they ride to Oakley (which is 4 hours west from here), but instead he said Olathe (which is 2 hours East!). I asked what happened when he said that and he said everyone laughed. I said that didn;t sound so bad. Then he says, "Babe, I got Bozo again"

I think I shrieked and jumped up to grab Bozo from TJ to hug and kiss him!! You may remember that back in January I nominated TJ for the Bozo award (for doing something stupid) and we got him then. I loved having him here and have missed him this past month.

This time, though, Bozo has a new outfit

and he also came with his very own motorcycle!!!

TJ has to take him to all HOG events he attends, but we are also going to take him this weekend to the Capital City Bike Show in Topeka, which is a tradition of ours.

Scout was also very happy to see Bozo again. He gave him a kiss lol.

He is ready to ride!


That corgi :) said...

Too cute!! I think Bozo is adorable myself :) May TJ say something later this year that Bozo can come and visit you again (after you turn him back in :)


Kim said...

I've gotta admit that i laughed as I read this!