Sunday, March 17, 2013

List Day 17..My Biography

Today's 30 Days of Lists topic is 'List 17: My biography
would include tales of...'

This one may get pretty long lol

My Biography would include.....

1. Having older parents

2. Growing up in a home where my mom worked and my dad stayed at home

3. Going to 2 elementary schools

4. My awesome childhood in Whittier, CA

5. How I hated high school

6. My dad dying when I was 15

7. Friends

8. Boyfriends

9. College

10. My 20s in California

11. Jobs

12. Travels

13. Memorable holidays

14. Moving across country and starting a new life

15. Life in Florida

16. Joining the LDS church

17. Meeting and marrying TJ

18. Becoming an army wife

19. Moving to Kansas and starting yet another new life

20. Life in Kansas

21. Leaving full time army life and becoming an official Kansas resident

22. My career in education

23. Becoming a homeowner

24. Scout

25. Losing my mom and dealing with probate

What would your biography include???

1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

Interesting biography, Robyn. How sad to lose your dad so young. That was interesting too that he was a stay at home dad, back then that probably didn't happen as much as it could now. Seems like you've had a varied good life!!

Because of my funk, it would be hard to write a biography of my life right now without causing more of a funk, LOL, lets just say I've been blessed more than I have deserved :)