Monday, March 11, 2013

ManCat Monday with Scout's 6th Cataversary

Hey friends! We totally forgot, but last Tuesday was my Cataversary!!! Mommy got me 6 years ago March 5th!!!!!!!

This weekend Mommy and Daddy went to Topeka and they went to Petco to get me more catfood. She sent daddy while she was making cards with friends and guess what else he got?????

5 bags of cat treats!!!!!!

TEMPTATIONS cat treats!!!!

There is even one with catnip in it!!! Oh man, I am one lucky cat!!

Mommy tried to get me to pose for some pictures, but I was too tired

I did let her take pictures of me in front of the window

and helping her with Project Life

I hope you have a great week!!


That corgi :) said...

happy cateversary Scout!! Looks like you got some great treats!! Loved the picture of you on the chair! So cute!


E. Smith said...

Happy Cataversary!

Fuzzy Tales said...

You struck gold, Scout! Maybe because your humans felt guilty for forgetting your Cataversary! Heh heh, way to go, play it up for all it's worth!