Friday, March 1, 2013

March Goals

March Goals:

1. NO red meat or pork, very limited chicken and fish.
2. NO caffeine and limited soda with sugar
3. Start and stick to an exercise routine
4. Clean, organize and decorate spare and craftroom
5. Unpack at least 3 boxes from the garage
6. Lose 5 more pounds for a goal of 175.
7. Get up at 6:30am on work days.
8. One sweet a day.

February Goals Reviewed:

1. Learn to play chess --- my husband knows how to play and he can teach me! (did not happen)

2. Lose 5 more pounds for a goal weight of 180 (YES!)

3. Red meat and pork once a month, chicken and fish once a week and lots of vegetarian meals!!(not quite)

4. Get most of my pictures and stuff hung on the walls. (kind of. The main rooms are done)

5. Start unpacking boxes from the garage(LOL)

6. Organize files(Done)

7. Get up at 6:45 on school days.(I did like one day lol, but I did get down to 6:50)

8. 15 minute walking 3 times a week, 1 hike a week, and 1 day of stretching or yoga. (nope)

9. Complete at least 3 Valentine's Day projects (Valentine cards and Valentine's tags. 2 out of 3)

10. Go on a vacation with hubby (he needs to save up some hours)

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That corgi :) said...

Good goals; maybe with getting up in the morning reduce it by five minutes a week rather than such a big jump of the 20 minutes. That might be more doable??