Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Weekend & List 3

Happy Sunday!! I hope you are having a good weekend and maybe enjoying some sunshine. It is a gray afternoon/evening here. I slept until almost 4pm today from the Flexeril I took after midnight. Oops.

I have some pictures of what I worked on this weekend. First, the pantry. There are no before pictures because I just dug right in!

And I also worked on the kitchen

No pictures of all the laundry I did or the closet lol.

Today's list prompt was This________, I Will______________. This is what I chose to do.

1. Eat healthier
2. Start exercising again
3. Invite friends on a day trip to Overland Park
4. Spring Clean my home
5. Do my visiting teaching.
6. Study the scriptures with TJ
7. Start doing the things I have pinned on Pinterest
8. Start unpacking boxes from the garage
9. Put away my winter clothes

What your plans for the month???


That corgi :) said...

I like your plans Robyn for the month of March and I like how organized the pantry looks, job well done!!

Not sure what my plans are for March yet. Might have to do some thinking about it.....


iowajewel said...

wow! your pantry looks great! you've been busy!