Thursday, March 21, 2013

No Teeth Cleaning, No Regrets, & No-Good Weather!!

So, my little pooh head decided he would NOT have his teeth cleaned yesterday. At 10pm Tuesday I pulled his food and he was fine until 6am. He even slept most of the night with me. Then I got paws in the face and when I was checking email on my phone at about 7am he was jumping on and off my shoulder. When I got up he thought I was going to feed him and let him outside so when I put a leash on him and out him in the car he wa quite angry. He YOWLED all the way to the vet (only 5 minutes away) and meowed loudly when we went in. He settled down a bit and was okay when the vet assistant took him.

Later I got a call from the vet saying they were having trouble with him. He was just not having it. She could not get enough blood to test to make sure he could have anesthesia. And he pooped himself. So TJ and I went to get him. Of course he was still upset and hissing and growling and screamed at me when I tried to get him out of the cage (the dog cage, btw. They were really trying to help him feel less trapped lol). So I spent a few minutes talking to him and putting my sleeve covered hand in so he could smell me. I finally managed to pet him and ease him toward the door and pick him up (still hissing and growling, but no screaming). Once I got him out of that room he calmed down and we left. I held him on the drive home and he did not cry once. He did try hiding his face in my arm a couple times. At home I fed him and let him have some time by himself.

I scheduled another appointment at the end of May. They have me a sedative pill to give him ahead of time and suggested instead of dropping him off early (and giving him time to simmer in the cage while waiting) to bring him in right before the procedure. I hope it works!

Yesterday's list topic was Things I do Not Regret. I do not like this because it implies that there is stuff that I should regret, but need to convince myself otherwise. So for this list...

I do not regret...

99% of the choices I have made in my life.


Today's list is Today's Weather Reminds Me Of. What a crappy day to have this topic! It is cold out. But it is sunny. For now. It is supposed to snow. Ugh. The groundhog is a liar!

Anyway, Today's Weather Reminds Me Of...
1. Late Fall
2. Winter
3. Fireplaces
4. Hot drinks

How is your weather?

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Way to go, Scout! We're impressed with your tactics, though fear you've only delayed the inevitable.

Our weather? We can't write how we feel about our weather right now. Suffice to say that winter is endless and we despair of every having warmth and green again.